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About WhosMyOwner

When you lose something important like your keys, your phone, your wallet or your passport, there's not much you wouldn't do to get it back quickly and safely.

But by then it's too late. Unless things are easy to return, you're unlikely to get them back. Not to mention the stress, hassle, cost and delays of replacing what you've lost, with or without insurance.

WhosMyOwner lets anyone finding your valuables notify you instantly, so that you can recover what's yours without fuss or delay.

Reporting a find takes just a few seconds, so most people are delighted to help!

In a recent UK-wide test, 87 of 100 items we "lost" were reported the same day.



How it Works

When someone finds something you've tagged, they leave you a message on our website. We forward it to you by email or SMS and you can recover your item right away, often the same day.

The Live Demo is just below!

Physical Tags

We have a small collection of physical security tags, which arrive personalised with your WhosMyOwner tag already printed on them.

Digital Tags

All members can download as many personalised security tags as they need at no extra cost. These include printable label sheets, QR codes and smartphone wallpaper.

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